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Fashion photographer Shae DeTar is an EK-favorite of ours. Her photos are original, hand colored, and beautifully composed scenes out of a daydream. Using an age old practice of hand painting negatives that dates back to the early 1900, she resurrects this traditional technique in her photography. Hand colored photographs by Shae DeTar, 

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Chefchaouen, a small town in northern Morocco, has a rich history, beautiful natural surroundings and wonderful architecture, but what it’s most famous for are the striking and vivid blue walls of many of the buildings in its “old town” sector, or medina.

The maze-like medina sector, like those of most of the other towns in the area, features white-washed buildings with a fusion of Spanish and Moorish architecture. The brilliantly blue walls, however, seem to be unique to Chefchaouen. They are said to have been introduced to the town by Jewish refugees in 1930, who considered blue to symbolize the sky and heaven. The color caught on, and now many also believe that the blue walls serve to repel mosquitoes as well (mosquitoes dislike clear and moving water).

Whatever the reason, the town’s blue walls attract visitors who love to wander the town’s narrow streets and snap some beautiful photos. 

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I love how Dublin is an old yet young city.

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oh my god

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We sat on the beach and sipped Ecco Domani wine, shared food on a romantic picnic, and watched the colors of the sky paint their way into darkness. 

Happy Anniversary to my husband and cheers to forever, wherever that may take us…


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no one warns you about the amount of mourning in growth.

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What I’d Wear : The Outfit Database

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Belle Thierry @ Chadwick

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Rose, ( with thorns )

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Datsun 280Z

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